Tissot Watches

Convergence of Corporate
& e-commerce websites

Strategic consulting / Artistic direction / UX & UI / Front-end dev

The Brief

Bring customers the best
of 2 worlds

Tissot engaged itslef very early in the e-commerce field by creating
e-commerce websites in many countries, separately from its multilingual corporate’s. Apart from maintainability, the growing divergence of its own contents and offered experience tends now to do a disservice to its customers.
It is time for actweb to deploy its multi-talented teams to address Tissot’s issues and make convergence a success.

The execution
A complete control of all Tissot’s issues

Actweb demonstrated of complete control of all Tissot’s issues, that leads our teams to handle in deep every aspect of the project, from prior state of affairs review and strategic recommendations to full UX/UI redesign and Front-End dev implementation.

Through a thoughtful reflexion and a deep analysis on how watches customers search, browse, buy and engage on the current websites, we redesigned from scratch the user experience to bring Tissot more qualified traffic, better conversion rate and more returning visitors, as part of a whole new graphical interface to serve at its finest the brand image of the world's first Swiss watches manufacturer, in a whole new mobile-first website.

Focus on
Clickstream optimization

Despite a top position on most generic requests on search engines, leading to high traffic on Tissot main pages, we identified some major drawbacks in the UX design of these pages, that lead to high bounce rate and non-returning visitors.

With an in deep redesign of user experience we finally made potential customers find what they were looking for and engage with the brand.

Total visits in the last 6 months
of traffic is from Organic Searches
Of social traffic is from Facebook
Focus on
Tissot Magazine

As part of our strategic recommandations, creating more premium contents was a central idea. We put to trash the classical and old-fashioned “newsfeed” part to highlight a whole new first-level category as the “Tissot Magazine”.

Better categorized contents, better customer experience, better engagement with the brand.

Social networking
Why you need to integrate social media into your business

Social media networks are a major resource fot both small and big business that are looking to promote their brands on the internet. Platforms are easy to use and some of them even have paid advertising options for business that want to reach new audiences. However, just because your business needs to be on these platforms doesn't mean that it has to be on every other social media site.

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